“I am writing this to you because of my experience with Jamie, Toni, Levi and Blake. My office needed to be upgraded, we needed a new computer, security, backup and a source to monitor our system. I was in the process of finding a new IT source for over a year. I finally spoke to these fine people and every time I had a question they had an answer and it was perfect for my concerns and needs. They questioned me about my business, what I was looking for and even asked about what I may need for future growth, by doing that we avoided investing in a system to small. They even have given me options of what I can use to improve my office as we grow. I feel like I no longer am alone in my IT functions in the office, when I have any problem arise or they observe a problem as they monitor my office, it is corrected in a very timely manner. I believe that you will never regret hiring this group to take care of your IT needs.”

Dr. Brad Poock, DC


“ChiroTechs has been able to take us to the highest level of security, speed, support and confidence in our network. I have been in business as Advance Chiropractic Clinic since 1987. Up until recently I have been able to manage my own computer needs with occasional outside help. In 2006 we greatly expanded our business and integrated electronic recordkeeping for our patient charts. We added fifteen workstations in two clinics in two states. Thanks to ChiroTechs, the upgrade went smoothly, the security for our healthcare records is superior and we are operating efficiently. I recommend ChiroTechs for exceptional service and network managed Operations you can trust.”

Dr. Denis Boerjan, DC
Advance Chiropractic Clinic
1724 37th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901
Rochester, MN 55901


“Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness has most certainly benefited from the support of ChiroTechs. We are a new clinic and were fortunate enough to start up with Future Health and therefore felt we were cruising along with the best software and technology that was out there. We went with a local business here in our community for our networking needs to get everything in our clinic to networked back to a server. We felt that supporting a local business was the right thing to do as we were starting a business of our own. After being nickeled and dimed from that company and later finding out that our system was not performing like we thought it was, we started our search for help. We received a recommendation from Future Health to call ChiroTechs about remote managed data backups. We got set up with them and were feeling really good about being protected with our files when we started noticing more problems in our everyday use of our computers. Finally at one point we were to a day where we couldn’t even bring up our software. We called ChiroTechs and they worked on our system all day to get us to the point where the software was secure and functioning. As they were fixing our systems, they found a number of things that were not initially setup correctly according to Microsoft’s “best practices”. We thought that these were completed initially, but were mislead by our other local providers. We setup an appointment with ChiroTechs and they came out with little notice and drove over 3 hours to help us out on a Saturday. They Spent the the whole day working on our system into the evening to get us migrated over to their standard secure and stable configuration. We are now contracted with ChiroTechs Managed Operations Support, where they remotely, support (both proactively and reactively) making sure that our network systems are optimized and readily available. At this point, we know that our computers systems are well taken care of and we can now focus on patient care rather than spending our time working through computer troubles. We have found that the ChiroTechs staff to be knowledgeable about their business and easy to work with. They have been polite and courteous which is not always easy to find. We utilize ChiroTechs for FULL Managed Operations including proactive and Reactive computer, server and network support, as well as, anti-virus, and managed backups. I would not only recommend them to other clinics such as ours, but wish we would have had the opportunity to have had them from the beginning. It would have been a great savings in time, money, and peace of mind! I am so happy to hear the Future Health is beginning to incorporate them in with new customers of theirs so that they are running at their best performance from the beginning on. Thank you to ChiroTechs and CTS for all they have done for our clinic!”

Dr. David Timmerman
Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness, P.C.
2108 Taylor Ave. Suite 100
Norfolk, NE 68701


“My experience with CTS has been all positive. I am very pleased with the data backup service, knowing that I do not have to worry about a backup. I get a reminder of a completed, secure backup every day. When it came time to convert to a new server, Jamie and the staff at CTS were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the whole process, from the selection of the right server for my needs to the completion of the project with installation and conversion of my software and data. Everyone has been very helpful. Thanks to the CTS crew!”

Dr. Tom Rohrick, DC / Care Chiropractic



“CTS has consistently courteous, prompt and helpful service. Any time there is an IT issue in our office, they always make sure the resolution is reached in a timely manner. They have been very willing to work around our busy practice schedule to provide IT help at times that are most convenient for us. We would highly recommend CTS to anyone in need of IT services. A+ team.”

Dr. Camden / Camden Chiropractic Center