PC Management & Support Services

Workstation Discovery, Procurement, Installation and Configuration

Discovery: ChiroTechs works with Clinics to fully understand the exact workstation requirements so we don’t over engineer and then over price a piece of gear.   ChiroTechs Engineers work with you and the clinic staff to define the hardware, software and licensing requirements before going to a preferred vendor to build a solution and a quote.

Procurement:  ChiroTechs works with many hardware vendors to ensure that the customer gets the most aggressive pricing available.  We then extend those discounts directly to the customer with 0% markup.  Remember, a true IT partner doesn’t mark up hardware!!

Installation & Configuration:  Hardware supplier ships the workstation out to your clinic location and you simply plugs in the power & network cable.   ChiroTechs is then able to gain access to the system.  Our Engineers configures the workstation 100% remotely and ensures that it can connect to the server and all business applications.  In depth testing is performed and confirmed before placing that system into production.

Workstation Managed Services

ChiroTechs manages over 500 PC’s and provides IT services for over 200 clinics throughout North America.  Today the common workstation is an essential tool that is utilized everyday for many business functions.  Each of these systems needs to be updated, patched, secure and maintained to run in an optimized fashion.  Without these services, Workstations can fall prey to Trojans, Viruses, and spyware.

Workstation Managed Services focus’s on these key areas;

  • Ensure that Workstation is added to Active Directory with non-admin rights
  • Workstation Services are operating (DNS / DHCP / ETC)
  • Each user has access to the correct Shared folders and that the Profile is redirected to a server for safe keeping
  • Operating System updates / patches / logging
  • Constant optimization (Storage / RAID / Cache / Network)
  • Firmware  / Drivers updates
  • Updated and functioning Enterprise AntiVirus / AntiSpyware / ETC
  • Supports Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 and even some legacy XP machines.